The Paces Course

The CentralPACES course has been designed to encompass the entire PACES carousel. 

In order to benefit from small group teaching, the numbers of participants are strictly restricted. All stations are led by an experienced tutor. Candidates will therefore benefit from not only being taught by a specialist in the relevant system but also by observing colleagues.

Each station will begin with a candidate performing the case under exam conditions with the tutor marking according to MRCP criteria. This will be followed by the remaining candidates in the group examining the patient. The Group will then move onto the next patient in the station. 

Groups will rotate through all stations at equal intervals. 

There are multiple patients in each station thereby providing an array of medical signs, the same standard expected in MRCP PACES.

The course begins at 09:00 and ends at 17:00.

Refreshments and a buffet lunch are provided.

Upon completion of the course, all participants will receive individual mark sheets with written feedback from examiners. The feedback is detailed and will provide candidates guidance on areas to improve. 

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