"Trainees get funding for the more expensive courses but I would recommend to other trainees to attend this course. In addition, relatively affordable and good value"

"Fantastic use of time and money. Gives you a feel of what the day would be like"

"Beneficial, well organised"

"It really was good practice before going into the exam. It helped calm my nerves"

"An efficient well run course that provides a realistic PACES experience with additional examiner feedback"

"Excellent course, good to do this course close to your exam for practice"

  "It was a good experience of a mock PACES exam"

  "So good - both learning and confidence - thank you!"

  "A good day to practice all stations and receive feedback. Organised, good breaks and a good lunch! All the best"

  "It was a very good experience/review prior to my exam"

  "I like the array of communication and system examination stations"

  "Really good value, other courses charge >£1,000. For the fee we get to see a large number of cases in pairs with 1:1 feedback on examination techniques"